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Stay Connected Beyond Limits with IEC Telecom Group


We are IEC Telecom Group, a leading international satellite service operator. Our mission is to enable digitalisation for the maritime industry as well as remote units on land. With over 25 years of in-depth experience in the satcom sector, the IEC Telecom brand has become synonymous with customised satellite products, value-added services, and future-ready digital solutions.

We empower customer enterprises with enhanced productivity and decision-making, business continuity, critical back-up, and cyber secure networks wherever they choose to operate. A wide range of IEC Telecom digital applications serve to add value and unlock new opportunities for connectivity in areas outside of terrestrial coverage. As a result of our strong partnerships with both global and regional satellite operators, equipment manufacturers, and application providers, we offer flexible and affordable plans that best fit customer needs.

IEC Telecom Group is committed to constantly evolving and meeting client communication requirements – today and on the cutting edge.

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High-quality satellite communication technology
Digitalisation on land, at sea, and remote areas
Future-ready satcom-based solutions
Optimised and customised applications
Value-added services

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