A major update and a new Lost Legend

Vacation season may be on its last legs, but the free Minecraft Legends content keeps coming! This month brings a lot of it, because we’re releasing the first major update for Minecraft Legends, with exciting enhancements and brand-new features – many of them very practical, and an unbelievably cute one. As if that wasn’t enough, August’s Lost Legend poses one of the most intense challenges yet with the Crucible! 

Minecraft Legends: Title Update 1

We’ve put out several updates for Minecraft Legends since its release in April, thanks to our player community’s feedback, bringing a variety of enhancements and fixes to the game. This month, we’re very excited to release the first major update for Minecraft Legends! Based on our players’ feedback, we’ve made a number of significant changes to both the game’s campaign and PvP and added some features to make gameplay smoother. This update:

  • Improves PvP communication by adding more types of world map markers (Attack, Defend, Gather, and Default) that will also be displayed in the chat log. Players can also communicate when placing structures, e.g. saying that they intend to build a specific structure or requesting that another player do so. Other players can then agree, disagree, or suggest an alternative.

  • Introduces lobby roles, which players can now select to indicate their preferred playstyle to team members. You can choose from Builder, Explorer, Fighter, Piglin Hunter, and Flexible (the default option). 

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