DIESEL & Jessica Audiffred Have ‘No Fear’ With Their Latest Single

Cementing the title as the ‘biggest DJ in the world’ and throwing down massive energetic sets during his “SUMMER OF BASS Tour, DIESEL is in full force as he teams up with the ‘Queen of Bass’ Jessica Audiffred to unleash their latest single, “NO FEAR” via Monstercat. 

With vocals from SHAQ and apparent bass-fluid and shape-shifting sound immediately from the start, listeners are about to be taken on an electrifying dubstep journey inspired by DIESEL and Jessica Audiffred’s ever-evolving sound design. By bringing the two prominent electronic music producers together for this highly-anticipated collaboration, the adrenaline begins to rush through your veins as infectious basslines quickly take over at a rapid pace. Ready or not to enter a night of wrenching bass and menacing synths, DIESEL and Jessica Auddiffred are opening the doors into their world of jaw-dropping madness.

This was a super special collab for me because I’ve always admired Shaq, he’s a legend, so when he mentioned me on Twitter saying he wanted to do a collab with me I was shocked, I had a track that I’d been working on for a while that I thought of as a festival weapon but it wasn’t quite ready for release, so I sent it to him and he loved it, he added his touch and his vocal which really brought it to life. I grabbed a sample from a kids’ choir and all together resulted in “no fear”, releasing this track on Monstercat is perfect because you can definitely hear our styles meshed together, I met Shaq in person for the very first time at Forbidden Kingdom in Orlando and he invited me on stage with him, we immediately clicked, he’s an amazing person and you can tell we’re both excited about this song! ” – Jessica Audiffred

Listen below!

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