Lamborghini’s new all-electric concept car was inspired by spaceships

Lamborghini, known for enabling many a mid-life crisis, revealed a new EV concept vehicle at Monterey Car Week, after teasing the announcement a few day ago. The all-electric Lamborghini Lanzador boasts all kinds of high-tech bells and whistles, with a design actually inspired by spaceships. This grand tourer (GT) vehicle features plenty of infotainment features, with a large Y-shaped center console bridge and a slim dashboard for making adjustments.

The driver also has instant access to climate controls and various digital functions via an integrated “pilot’s unit.” This unit also allows access to an array of driving modes via the company’s ANIMA control system. There’s even retractable displays that stream pertinent information to passengers regarding speed, distance, climate, entertainment and more.

As for the design, the driver and passenger sit low to the ground, as if in a jet, and are separated by that center console. The company says the interior is “unexpectedly roomy”, despite a roof height of around 1.5 meters, further increasing the car’s low-to-the-ground proportions. The rear space can be used to store luggage and other necessities, and there’s a concealed trunk under the front bonnet for more storage options.

Design is cool and all, but what about all of those internal speed-enhancing goodies? The Lanzador includes high-powered electric motors on each axle, with a peak power of over one megawatt. There’s all-wheel drive with e-torque on the rear axle for improved cornering. Lamborghini says it’s all powered by a “new generation high-performance battery” and ensures a long driving range, but didn’t announce the actual mileage per charge. The company also says that the car’s aerodynamic design should further increase real-world mileage.

Though strictly a concept car, Lamborghini says the Lanzador is not merely a “whim of designers and engineers” and provides a “concrete preview” of production vehicles that will begin rolling out in 2028. To that end, there’s an emphasis here on eco-friendly design materials, like Merino wool, sustainably tanned leather and recycled carbon. This also adds further proof that the company is serious about going all-electric by 2030.

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