7 Top Pet Transportation Companies

Pets may seem like family to the 62% of households that include at least one animal, fish, reptile, or other non-human. However, even the most domesticated and docile pet can’t always safely or comfortably travel as its human companions do. 

That doesn’t mean that a beloved senior Schnauzer or a cuddly, house-trained rabbit can’t get around, of course. It just means that pet parents who need special shipping options have to find pet transportation carriers and companies.

If you’re in that situation, this comprehensive overview of some of the most well-respected businesses focused on transporting pets is for you. Even if your pet is a bit on the unusual side, you can make sure you have a way to get your furry, feathered, finned, or scaly friend from one location to another securely.

1. CitizenShipper

As the leading pet transportation platform in the United States, CitizenShipper might well be called the Uber or Lyft of the pet transportation industry. The beauty of CitizenShipper is that it matches people who need pet transport with verified, vetted feedback-rated drivers. Pet owners (or sellers) just sign up to use the service and input basic information when they need pet transportation. Drivers can then bid on the job, allowing customers to choose their best match, based on a variety of factors including cost, experience, reviews, and availability. 

To date, CitizenShipper has been the transportation solution for more than 100,000 pets. Along with every agreed-upon transportation, users receive extra benefits like 24/7 access to TeleVet and $1,000 in pet protection. The average distance a pet is transported is over 1,000 miles and it’s a great solution for folks looking to adopt a pet out-of-state, pet owners who want to move homes and have a professional transport their furry friends, and a variety of other use cases.  It’s also a great way to gain true peace of mind about your pet’s traveling experience whether you need to transport your pet across the state or across the nation.

2. Equine Express

In business for 30 years and boasting a 98% satisfaction rating, Equine Express solely concentrates on transporting horses. If you’re a horse owner, you know how critical it is to find the right partner to get your horse from point A to point B. Aside from their size, horses have to be hauled with extreme care and concern. Equine Express delivers because, as they say, they’re horse people in the transportation business — not the other way around.

You can book horse transportation with Equine Express right on the company’s website. Each rig manager is an expert horseman, which is something other equine transporting companies can’t promise. Equine Express offers same-day quotes for its services as long as you contact their team early in the day. 

3. Brook Ledge Horse Transportation

Have a horse but need air transportation? Try Brook Ledge Horse Transportation. The company offers ground shipping of horses, especially racehorses and steeds, but its airline services are unique. The business is becoming well-known for its domestic flights. (If you need an international flight for your horse or horses, Brook Ledge Horse Transportation will help you find a suitable carrier.)

You can choose from a regular or a privately chartered flight depending on your needs. A nice touch is that every horse is accompanied by a knowledgeable, compassionate groom. This assures that the horse is attended to at all times. While Brook Ledge Horse Transportation may not be the cheapest way to move your horse, you can be sure that your pet is getting world-class treatment on land and in the skies.

4. Across the Pond Pet

You say you have an exotic animal to transport, such as a giant tortoise or lizard? Explore the services of Across the Pond Pet. This pet transportation service centers its attention around travel for the most exotic creatures you can legally and ethically own. Additionally, the company is well-versed in relocating exotics internationally, not just within the contiguous United States.

Their expertise with exotic animals, reptiles, and other creatures is what makes Across the Pond Pet a winner among exotic pet transportation solutions. Each of their team members has a true passion for pets of all kinds — including those that don’t fall into any category that could be termed “ordinary”. They’re also cautious when dealing with the legalities of transporting pets across state, international, and other boundaries so they (and you) don’t run into preventable snags.

5. World Pet & Animal Transport

Another international favorite for shipping all types of pets from country to country is World Pet & Animal Transport. Located in Italy, it may be the ideal fit if you’re planning to move abroad temporarily or permanently to Europe. For example, let’s say your job offers you a promotion thanks to your high degree of productivity. The job allows you to work in Rome for several years. However, you don’t want to leave your new kitten at home. World Pet & Animal Transport can work with you to figure out the easiest, most efficient way to bring your kitten to your new home.

This organization has another benefit: You’ll learn the rules of the road when taking your pets on the road internationally! There are tons of regulatory concerns to keep in mind. Even if your pet is hardly exotic, you may have to follow some quarantine and other expectations. World Pet & Animal Transport can make that process less arduous and confusing.

6. Airborne Animals LLC

Some birds can live for decades, making them almost lifetime buddies for individuals and families. Airborne Animals LLC concentrates on serving the pet parents of birds and parrots who need shipping assistance. It’s just not fair to your feathered friend to be forced to endure an endless car ride. Instead of ruffling him or her, treat them to transportation courtesy of Airborne Animals LLC and their team members.

Like some of the other pet transportation companies listed here, Airborne Animals LLC offers both foreign and domestic bird shipping. Be sure to contact them well ahead of when you need your transportation. They take time to personalize transportation for their beaked clients and like to have the opportunity to make sure they serve you well.

7. Woof Airlines

You say you need a pet transportation option that could allow your pet to accompany you nearly anywhere in the world? Meet Woof Airlines. As the name suggests, it’s primarily for dogs although cats are welcome, too. This is air-only travel, so you’ll need to do your homework. Unfortunately, some animals like snub-nosed canines, aren’t able to fly. Knowing this ahead of time can save you some headaches and troubles.

Woof Airlines is a terrific choice if you’re a jet-setter or intend to experience the world with your furry friend (and his or her grooming kit!) by your side. You’ll pay premium rates, but you’ll get concierge service. Consequently, it’s an acceptable and understandable tradeoff.

The next time you need pet transportation services, keep these suppliers in mind. They’ll make your life — and your pet’s life — much simpler. They’ll also allow you to keep the affection flowing no matter where you visit or reside.

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