How Spark Admissions Became One of the Nation’s Best College Admissions Consulting Firms

The United States is at a crossroads when it comes to higher education. The cost of college is skyrocketing, and legislation for relief remains mired in a divided political landscape. Simultaneously, college admissions are more competitive than ever, especially for top-tier, highly-ranked colleges and universities.

College admissions consulting firm Spark Admissions helps students realize their academic ambitions through college consulting and support services.

The Rise of College Admissions Consulting

Using a college admissions consultant to assist students and families in the competitive college admissions process has become commonplace in the United States. Many families hire a college consultant to help navigate an increasingly competitive and complicated college admissions landscape.

Parents magazine states that a successful college career is an investment that pays dividends for a lifetime and sets a child up for financial success. That makes it well worth starting on the right foot.

College consultants educate students on the best extracurricular activities, academic preparation, and personal experiences to take part in during high school. Therefore, when they fill out an application, the student will be more prepared for the competitive process.

Along with this preparation, a savvy college admissions consultant will help students showcase their personal strengths and unique qualities in their admissions materials. A college admissions consultant will also ensure students apply to the right schools, where they have a reasonable chance of admission and can excel academically and socially.

This helps individuals choose, apply to, and get accepted by a school offering an ideal setting for students to thrive.

The Spark Admissions Effect

Spark Admissions is a boutique college admissions consulting firm with over a decade of experience helping students get into prestigious colleges and universities. Unlike other firms, Spark Admissions is an “admissions think tank.” It constantly analyzes everything related to admissions to assess what is best for each student and what colleges seek in their admissions processes.

Spark Admissions stands out from other college admissions consulting firms because it is consistently ranked as one of the (if not the) best college admissions consulting firms in the United States. It boasts a 5-star review rating on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. The firm has also attracted media attention from major news and media outlets, including CNN, Time, and The Boston Globe.

Spark Admissions is one of the nation’s top college admissions consulting firms for a reason. Its students have considerably higher admission rates than average, with eight times the national average admissions rates at Ivy League colleges and six times the national average admissions rates at many top 50 colleges and universities. Also, 96% of its students enter at least one of its three top schools. Spark Admissions also has a 99% sibling return rate.

The top-tier college consulting firm achieves this level of success through a combination of experience, research, and attention to individual needs.

The Spark Recipe for Success

The foundational element that has helped Spark Admissions succeed is its team. Two accomplished entrepreneurs founded the company, Harvard doctorate, Rachel Rubin, and University of Chicago MBA, Rachel Blankstein.

Together, they collaborated to create an elite consulting service that offers a holistic approach to college admissions. They built a team of full-time consultants and researchers to support their efforts. These consultants reflect the founders’ personal standards of academic greatness and strong relationship-building skills with teens and parents.

Rubin and Blankstein have also invested heavily in research. Founded upon Rubin’s study on how the top 75 colleges and universities in the United States make admissions decisions, Spark Admissions continues to use a research-based approach to inform every step of the admissions process.

The research-based approach results in advice to help students develop unique, compelling applications that stand out from others.

Research has been and always will be at the heart of the Spark Admission approach to college applications, too. The firm continues to invest in updating and improving its analysis heavily.

Comprehensive Services and a Holistic Approach

Each student and their family work with one Spark Admissions consultant when onboarded. All consultants work for Spark full-time, have admissions experience at selective colleges, have attended top-tier universities and graduate schools, and are passionate about helping students reach their goals. These individuals know the college admissions game and are backed by the experience and research of the larger Spark Admission infrastructure.

The consultants become full-time representatives of their students. They forge strong, lasting relationships with the students as they navigate the college entrance process side by side.

This personalized approach leads to impressive, robust applications. While that is an essential part of getting into college, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The real magic comes from Spark Admissions’ intense focus on individual development. Spark consultants go beyond the bureaucratic red tape of upper-tier academia. They also become personal cheerleaders for the students they represent. They motivate them, build their self-confidence, and keep them on track toward their goals.

This takes many different forms. For example, consultants help their students invest in skill-set development. Spark works with students to identify their passions, determine areas of study, and develop their extracurricular strengths. By simultaneously honing both academics and extracurricular activities, Spark students are better prepared for a successful experience at a top-tier college or university. Also, Spark helps students develop leadership and communication skills and explore extracurricular options.

Spark Admissions is Putting Students First

While an elite college consulting firm comes at a cost, Spark Admissions has been deliberate about where they put their emphasis as a brand. The company holds three key values: integrity, authenticity, and discretion. These guide every aspect of how the brand conducts its business.

The emphasis with Spark Admissions isn’t on maximum profit or pushing unnecessary applications. The firm stands apart due to its consistent, holistic, and comprehensive process. They prepare and equip students for college while giving them the best chances of application success.


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