Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal recognizes ‘right to be forgotten’


The Federal Court of Appeal in Canada made a pivotal decision on Friday, Sept. 29. It recognized the “right to be forgotten” online, potentially allowing individuals to ask search engines to remove personal information.

The case and its implications

An individual, identified as “A.T.,” initiated the case. He wanted Google to delete links to news articles about his past criminal convictions. He argued that these outdated articles obstructed his societal reintegration.

In a detailed judgment, the court concurred with A.T.’s perspective. It referenced the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada, interpreting that the Act indeed supports the “right to be forgotten.”

The court’s decision hinged on the delicate act of balancing the public’s right to access information against an individual’s right to privacy. In this particular case, they deemed A.T.’s privacy and rehabilitation efforts outweighed the broader public interest in accessing the old news articles.

Broader implications for digital privacy in Canada

This ruling has broader implications for search engines and online platforms operating within Canada. It suggests that Canadians, under specific circumstances, can request the removal of personal data from search results, especially if such data is no longer relevant or could cause harm. However, the court will likely treat each subsequent request on a case-by-case basis, meticulously weighing public interest against individual privacy rights.

While many privacy advocates hail the decision as a step forward in digital rights, critics express reservations. They fear that such a precedent might be misused, leading to the erasure of historical records or potentially stifling free speech.

As Canada continues to navigate the intricate web of online privacy rights and public interest, the challenge will be to ensure that the “right to be forgotten” doesn’t inadvertently become a tool for information suppression.

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