Google acknowledges Pixel 8 Pro’s mysterious screen bumps


Owners of the Pixel 8 Pro have noticed unusual circular bumps on the screen, seemingly caused by internal components pressing against the OLED panel’s underside, according to 9to5google. Google has acknowledged these bumps, stating they don’t impact the phone’s performance or durability.

On Nov. 22, Google responded to these user concerns. Their statement clarified that in certain conditions, such as when the screen is off and under specific lighting, small bumps might be visible. These are impressions from the device’s internal components, but Google assures there is no functional impact on the Pixel 8 Pro’s performance or durability.

Users first reported these bumps on Nov. 20, noting that the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 cover glass remains unaffected. Teardowns suggest that the display’s uneven resting surface could be causing these indents. While there’s no current impact on touch functionality or image quality, users are concerned about potential long-term effects.

One user, Aaron Hennig, mentioned noticing the bumps while installing a screen protector but hasn’t found them to be bothersome. He, like others, finds solace in the device’s two-year warranty in Germany.

The extent of the issue

The bumps are consistently located on the top edge of the screen, near the front-facing camera, and along the left and right edges. The issue’s prevalence is unclear, but numerous reports have emerged. Some users have sought replacements, only to find the same issue in new devices. This has led to calls for an extended warranty, should the problem worsen over time.

Currently, the Pixel 8 Pro’s original one-year warranty is still in effect. Google’s history of offering extended repair programs for past models like the Pixel 4 XL and 5a gives hope to users for a similar approach to the Pixel 8 Pro. For now, the situation remains under observation, with users and Google alike monitoring the potential long-term implications of these screen bumps.

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