Tesla Cybertruck delivery event: How to watch live and what to expect


Tesla has confirmed that its Cybertruck Delivery Event will commence on Thursday,  November 30 at the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

The company has already revolutionised the auto industry with its roll-out of high-performance battery-powered cars to a mass market audience and now it intends to take things one step further.

It may fall into the pickup truck niche, but the Cybertruck has garnered interest way beyond the EV market thanks to its futuristic design and look. It also doesn’t hurt that the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, arguably the most famous man on the planet right now,  has been promoting the truck’s development to his 164 million X followers.

As reported by CNBC,  Musk has previously spoken about the ‘insanely difficult’ task of producing the Cybertruck with the full launch having to be delayed several times since plans were first revealed back in November 2019.

However, the time is now with excitement and anticipation building for this flagship launch for Tesla.

The appearance of the Cybertruck has more than a hint of a Back To The Future vibe with its aesthetics bound to capture attention in the coming days after more is revealed on Thursday in Texas.

When is Tesla the Cybertruck Delivery Event and how can I watch it?

The live stream is available here, with the start depending on your time zone:

Noon – Los Angeles, USA

3:00 pm – New York, USA

8:00 pm  – London, UK

9:00 pm  – Berlin, Germany

2:30 am (Dec, 1) – Mumbai, India

7:00 am (Dec, 1) – Sydney, Australia.

The show will commence with an event ‘check-in’ with an opening address expected to last around 45 minutes ahead of the keynote speeches andthe  first delivery of the vehicle.

It has been reported that 10 Cybertrucks will be handed over on Thursday with the delivery event confirming key details such as specifications, availability, and crucially, the price point at which it will enter the market.

Tesla enthusiasts, community members, industry experts, and associated guests will be present in Austin, with a global audience watching on with interest.

Back in August, Musk revealed that he had been behind the wheel of the Cybertruck but it remains to be seen just how far and in what direction it can travel.

Featured image: AI-produced Cybertruck via Pixeid


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