GTA VI trailer incoming – Rockstar ready to break the internet


After almost a decade, the gaming world is about to get a look at the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI and rarely has a video game event been so eagerly awaited.

2023 has seen some huge releases with a new Zelda game, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Starfield – but none will be able to match the anticipation and pulling power surrounding the latest game in Rockstar Games’ crime saga, even though there is no sign of a release date at this stage.

Reportedly taking place around Miami and Florida, Trailer 1 is likely to be the first of many before we actually get to the game’s release date. It is also entirely possible we won’t learn that much from this initial tease.

After confirmation of the latest game in the series, Rockstar’s Sam Houser set X alight at the beginning of November when he teased that early December would see the release of the first GTA VI trailer and that promise has now been confirmed with a simple image, also on X from the publisher, which has already garnered seven million views in the first half hour.

So when is Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer Day?

The good news is that you won’t have long to wait, with the date now seemingly set in stone for December 5th at 9 AM ET. There are no further indications yet as to where the premiere will take place online, but if you thought getting tickets for Taylor Swift was difficult, this event might also bring your ISP to its knees.

At this stage, Rockstar hasn’t even confirmed the game will be called GTA VI (or GTA 6) but they are unlikely to swerve from the branding of one of the world’s largest gaming IPs. With that in mind, we may at least be treated to the logo on the 5th as well as the digitized views over Miami.

How many did GTA V sell?

Statista reports that in the last decade, Grand Theft Auto V sold an astonishing 190 million units across all formats. On top of that the spend on in-game currency takes the franchise worth to an estimated eight and a half billion dollars.

The GTA franchise continues to reach new audiences and Netflix recently announced it was bringing Grand Theft Auto – The Trilogy to its subscribers.

Featured Image: Rockstar Games

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