Windows 12 could be with us in six months according to rumor

It might be that news of a potential new release of Windows is set to grip PC users with fear, having barely reached the point where we can fully appreciate Windows 11. The arrival of the current PC OS of choice for the masses did not run that smoothly for many and just as we finally get to the point where everything seems to be just fine, and we haven’t seen the Blue Screen of Death in an age, yes, it looks like Windows 12 might be upon us, and at this stage, we can only guess how many times Microsoft will use the letters AI.

The June 2024 date is a combination of rumor and speculation at this stage and has been boosted by an article in the Taiwanese financial press – specifically The Commercial Times.

A Translation of the page begins with, “Microsoft Windows 12 will be launched in June 2024 and is expected to introduce a large number of AI technologies and become the leader in AI PCs.”

Windows 12 release date speculation mounts

There has been previous speculation about an imminent refresh of the relatively fresh Windows system – back in July 2022 PC Gamer revealed that Microsoft’s own development cycle pointed to a new Windows release every three years,  but as yet there has been nothing new from Microsoft, which has continued to roll out significant updates to Windows 11 which have made it considerably different from the product it launched back in October 2021. 

Some of these enhancements have included AI additions and with Microsoft well and truly in bed with OpenAI, who Elon Musk recently thought may have found something dangerous,  there will certainly be more on the cards when it comes to integrations within Edge and Bing.

With the speed technology is moving in regards to Artificial Intelligence acurrently Microsoft could be moving to future-proof its operating system with a view to providing more significant upgrades, a la Windows 11, as the years go by.

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