PlayStation launches its VR2 headset in India


The Sony PlayStation VR2 – the second-generation virtual reality headset for the console has been launched in India, almost a year after it launched successfully in the West.

Priced from Rs 57,990 for the lowest spec model, the VR2 features four cameras built into the headset itself and features intelligent eye-tracking technology that follows your eye movements and provides more realistic interactions in games.

The headset connects via USB-C to the PlayStation 5 and allows players to play over 100 games, including some big ones such as Gran Turismo 7, in virtual reality. Having launched in the USA and Europe in February, the system has matured now, and gamers in India have a much better idea of what they are buying into and the levels of support that the headset has gained from the game developers.

Adding a VR system to an already expensive purchase in the form of the PS5 is not for everybody and Sony revised down expectations after weaker-than-expected pre-orders. Since its launch, however, that fear seems to have been allayed as Sony reported the sale of over 600k units in the weeks following the launch.

Now, almost 10 months after the launch the headset is making its way into a new region, indicating Sony continues to see the potential in the virtual reality marketplace for its products, at a time when its dominant position over Microsoft is under threat.

VR continues to be seen as a niche market but gamers who have experienced its high points in titles that suit the format the best – such as driving and space sims can often be blown away by the extra dimension it adds to the challenge, although some people still report feelings of nausea when using VR for a sustained period of time.

PlayStation VR2 will be available in India via Amazon India and Reliance Digital as well as on the high street.

Paul McNally

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