The Finals hits 10 million players two weeks after launch

Since the release of The Finals earlier this month there has generally been nothing but praise for the FPS shooter that has dared to take on the big rivals such as Fortnite and Apex Legends – both these titles and even PUBG have solid, well-tweaked ecosystems that show no sign of letting up, so for The Finals to burst onto the scene, bringing its fresh take on things has been another gaming triumph for 2023.

PCGamesN reports that over 10 million players have taken part in The Finals since launch a fortnite, er fortnight ago, and it still has a large concurrent player number of over 100,000.

In The Finals players take part in a Gameshow – we don’t want to say it was inspired by Squid Game, more like 1990s sci-fi action movie The Running Man maybe, but its over-the-top style has been a massive hit with gamers, even though it has recently been suffering from an influx of cheats – always a sign that a game is doing well, and the devs have had to toughen up their anti-cheat strategy and software as some players were saying that Ranked matches were virtually unplayable.

It is important for Embark Studios to get this right now while the goodwill is there and the signs are the devs are doing a decent job.

A recent update to The Finals brings it in line with most of the other live-service games at this time of year by bringing a festive and snowy feel to the map with Monaco undergoing the winter treatment.

There have also been some balancing tweaks to characters that may have been overpowered and bring them all more closely aligned so there is no gaming penalty for playing as your favorite one.

The Finals progress in 2024 is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Paul McNally

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