Free Palestinians from #Hamas & Pray for the Gazans walking in darkness of the valley of death

In the dim shadows of the Valley of Death, a populace enduring the perpetual gloom stands distinct—the inhabitants of Gaza. Their journey through the past two decades, shackled by the malevolent grip of the Hamas regime, unveils a narrative of adversity. This microscopic stretch along the Mediterranean Coast harbors a plea for deliverance, echoing not just in the present war but in the enduring echoes of history.This Christmas season, as Israeli soldiers traverse the terrain, there emerges a whisper of hope—a potential metamorphosis amidst the initial destruction. Born in Germany, my gaze upon the images of Gaza conjures parallels with post-World War II Germany, a nation ravaged by the bombings of Hamburg and Berlin. My father’s recounted tales underscore the profound blessing of liberation from the dark clutches of Adolf Hitler’s regime and protection against the encroaching darkness of communism from the East.In earnest prayer, let us converge this Christmas, directing our collective gaze toward Gaza. Pray, not merely for cessation, but for a rebirth—a reset akin to the transformative crisis Germany witnessed 78 years ago. Yearn for a spiritual renaissance in this region, where the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ pierces through the pervasive shadows. Envision this critical juncture as a catalyst for a spiritual reawakening, beckoning missionaries from distant corners of the globe to share the illuminating message of Jesus Christ with the beleaguered souls of Gaza.

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