Xbox gamer banned for a year for recording Baldur’s Gate 3 characters naked


Baldur’s Gate 3 is well known for its NSFW content with naked characters seemingly everywhere you look.

However, even though you might well be playing it in the seclusion of your own home, one Xbox user has fallen seriously foul of the platform’s terms and conditions by recording gameplay clips containing in-game nudity, and uploading them to the Xbox network – something you could have turned on to do automatically without even realizing (you did check your settings didn’t you?)

Reddit user Daddy-Vegas posted his ban notice which highlights that although the Xbox network has a three-strikes policy before the ban hammer falls, he blasted through all of these in one go with multiple videos.

BG3 ban

(image courtesy of u/Daddy-Vegas)

The ban seemingly means he can no longer play online for the next 366 days (if you are wondering why the odd number, it’s a leap year this year) which seems harsh as he is proclaiming his innocence on the automatic upload front, saying, “I recorded 3 clips last night of some naked camp time fun. XBox, by default, uploads all recorded clips to the server for easy sharing. Each clip counted as a different infraction and got my account banned for a year. I’m hoping the appeals process fixes this, but as of now; I can’t play any game that requires a network connection (Basically making all the money I put into MW3 over the last 6 months even more worthless)

TL; DR – Don’t record game clips unless you want your account banned”

If this is a genuine accident with the 2023 Game of the Year, which has suffered its own Xbox network problems as well, you would hope the appeal process would remove the strikes and that Microsoft won’t double down in this instance. The issue may well have hit other users, but the company will have to be wary about any major changes to policy as Twitch found out to its cost at the end of last year.

Featured Image: Larian Studios

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