Sandisk gives Nintendo Switch users 1TB more storage

Portable storage company Sandisk has announced a new 1TB microSDXC card to give Nintendo Switch users more games on the go.

The model displays one of the most popular Nintendo and Switch logos with Zelda’s Hyrule crest branded in black and gold.

Storage matters for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users commonly have to delete and reinstall games to manage their extensive libraries on the console.

With the average large game coming in at 10 GB or more, this means a lot of deleting and watching the small progress bar fill up before being able to save the Mushroom Kingdom or traverse the plains of Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom takes up 16GB for example, which is one of the biggest on the console.

Sandisk has released previous microSD cards to enable more storage for the Switch, with the most notable being the previous Zelda microSD with 400GB max capacity and a smaller Fortnite version at 256GB.

The new 1TB microSDXC succeeds the previous model in some way and also boasts faster load and transfer times for titles.

Western Digital, the parent company of Sandisk says the portable storage gives “transfer rates up to 100MB/s2, the SanDisk microSDXC™ card for Nintendo Switch™ Systems delivers consistent high performance so you can load games fast.”

With a rumored new portable console coming from Nintendo, possibly a Nintendo Switch 2, gamers will be happy that storage support is available for the original and OLED models.

Nintendo reportedly showed off new hardware at Germany’s Gamescom last September.

The Japanese gaming institution is also closing the lid on services for its 3DS and Wii U platforms in early April 2024.

Both of the platforms were discontinued on the Nintendo eshop, but gamers were reassured that they could still download and access these titles until Spring.

Last month Nintendo allowed gamers to look back on their 2023 in review, with progress tracking and an accessible snapshot of the titles played, achievements unlocked, and the digital places they adventured across.

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