Gmail for Android has this new feature for managing emails


Gmail for Android is changing by introducing a new, essential feature for better email management.

The email service provided by Google is dominant within the market, with an estimated 1.8 billion users worldwide. It is one of the best email apps for Android but it has lacked a key function to help users stay on top of their inbox.

Gmail does not have a ‘Select all’ option on the mobile app, like it does in the desktop version. Instead, you have to select individual emails to delete, move, or categorize.

As reported by Sammobile, the search giant is finally addressing the shortfall with the arrival of the ‘Select all’ icon for the Gmail Android app which will provide a better user experience.

How to access the new Gmail feature

A mass roll-out appears to have been introduced for all users, after initial reports on Reddit that a button had appeared for Android on app versions v2023.11.12.586837719 and v2023.11.26.586591930.

This sought-after function is now available; all you have to do to access it is to long hold on a single email or tap on a sender’s avatar to see the ‘Select all’ option appear. The new Gmail management tool will show on the top of the page, across your various inbox and category tabs.

It must be noted that the ‘Select all’ option will only apply to emails on a page rather than a full inbox. For greater visibility and ease of management, you will need to use a bigger device.

The new Gmail Android app function will select the 50 emails displayed on the page you are looking at and from there you can organize them as required.

All Gmail users should now be able to see the ‘Select all’ button, following the step above, but if not you should navigate to the Play Store on your device and install the latest Gmail Android app update.

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