OpenAI to launch ChatGPT app store next week

OpenAI is set to launch an app store for custom versions of ChatGPT.

The move by OpenAI would allow the GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) that developers have created with the base version of ChatGPT to be hosted in one repository.

This would be similar to the Google Play or Apple Store, but specifically for the chatbots that can carry out custom tasks.

What is Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is trained on vast amounts of text data from various sources, allowing it to learn patterns, context, and relationships between words.

Although not technically a memory, the pattern process allows the AI to produce an answer to a ‘prompt’ or query.

App library for open-source developers

OpenAI has contacted some of the developers of bespoke GPT apps, as reported by Tech Crunch.

The site is said to have viewed correspondence that asks these developers to follow guidelines to have their creations hosted on the site.

Developers like Rowan Cheung have been posting on X today about the correspondence:

OpenAI’s website, updated in November 2023, has a mention of the app store launching “in a month”, however this has been extended to January 2024:

”Starting today, you can create GPTs and share them publicly. Later this month, we’re launching the GPT Store, featuring creations by verified builders. “ The site also states that there will be a competitive ranked leaderboard for the apps.

Some tech observers had thought this blip in progress could be attributed to a problematic December for ChatGPT. With some speculation, the AI chatbot had gotten lazy.

Open AI “will also spotlight the most useful and delightful GPTs we come across in categories like productivity, education, and “just for fun.”

Monetization of ChatGPT has been a significant topic. Critics and developers alike wonder what charges and funds will be generated for using the OpenAI-built system.

”In the coming months, you’ll also be able to earn money based on how many people are using your GPT,” according to ChatGPT’s site.

ChatGPT was the most searched Wikipedia page of 2023, showing the domination of the emerging chatbot across emerging technology.

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