Microsoft knows what side its bread is buttered as it launches an Xbox toaster

Earlier today we reported on the $48,000 DLC package that Star Citizen was offering, but now at the other end of the gimmick spectrum, Microsoft has teamed up with Ukonic to launch a toaster that not only looks like an Xbox Series S but burns the Xbox logo into every piece of bread you pop into it.

If you are thinking that already 2024 has brought some weird and wonderful new stories to the forefront, then this $40 kitchen appliance can certainly be added to the pile.

In a post from the official Xbox account, thus proving it is not some early April 1st wind-up, the toaster had nearly three-quarters of a million views and garnered comments such as, “ 

Why would I need to buy this when my Xbox already gets hot enough to make toast.” and, “The best thing since sliced bread”.

According to the Walmart website in the US, the toaster comes with a “ Wide Slot, Bagel Function, Digitial Countdown Timer, with 6 Shade Settings. However, it is out of stock already as gamers rushed to get their hands on this themed bread heater.

Whether we will get to see a Series X model, or even an enhanced Series X Pro model with four slots is still up for debate, but hopefully, this version will come back into stock soon

The styling of the toaster does look remarkably like a Series S, with a large black grill on the side. However, unlike the Series S, the two slots here allow you to put a DVD inside, not that we would recommend it.

The toaster is not the first Xbox appliance we have seen as the Xbox Series X mini-fridge is also on the market as gaming becomes ever more mainstream, despite still being unfairly stigmatized in some areas of the media.

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