Nvidia has got a ‘special’ announcement at CES 2024 next week


Nvidia is gearing up for a major announcement at CES 2024 next week.

The graphics card behemoth recently sent out mysterious invites for a “special address” ahead of the mega tech expo in Las Vegas which runs from Jan 9 – Jan 12. Details are scarce, but there has been speculation Nvidia is preparing to take the wraps off it’s brand new GeForce RTX 40 Super GPUs (graphics processing units), reports The Verge.

Monday (Jan 8) will be the second of two media days before the public conference begins. All Nvidia is saying about their speaking slot is: “Tune into the NVIDIA Special Address at CES 2024 to see how our latest breakthroughs supercharge gaming, creating, and AI performance with GeForce RTX.”

While the invite avoids any mention of graphics cards or gaming, the timing has set tongues wagging throughout hardware circles. Nvidia is could be ready to unveil Super variants of its existing RTX 4070 and RTX 4080 graphics cards, delivering upgraded performance for PC gaming and creation tasks.

Renowned leakers have been sharing details on these unannounced RTX 40 Super GPUs for weeks now. The flagship RTX 4080 Super will allegedly increase memory capacity to 20GB, up from 16GB on the standard RTX 4080. A wider 320-bit memory bus could also be in the cards, promising major gains in memory bandwidth.

Why is all this noteworthy?

Well, if the world’s biggest chipmaker unveils new GeForce RTX 40 Super GPUs, it could shake up the graphics card market in 2024 by offering upgraded performance and better value compared to existing RTX 40-series models. PC gamers, streamers, and content creators seeking more graphical horsepower stand to benefit if Nvidia releases competitively-priced RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4080 Super cards that move the needle over non-Super variants.

The graphics card space remains highly competitive, with the trillion-dollar company constantly facing pressure from rival AMD, which released its impressive RDNA 3 GPUs last year and it’s forthcoming Ryzen 5000 processors are coming soon.  

What can we expect from Nvidia’s RTX 40 Super GPUs?

If the leaks are true, Nvidia is gearing up to juice more performance out of its current Ampere architecture before next-gen Ada Lovelace GPUs arrive later this year. The RTX 4080 and 4070 Super graphics cards aim to deliver better value than current models.

For example, the specs on RTX 4070 Super are believed to point to 12GB or 16GB of VRAM, a boost over the vanilla 10GB RTX 4070. This additional video memory and faster bus should equate to tangible improvements in today’s cutting-edge games and creative applications at reasonable prices.

Nvidia’s CES 2024 keynote takes place on January 8 at 8AM PT. While other tech giants like Samsung and Sony also have press conferences scheduled that day, all eyes will be on what surprises Nvidia’s CEO has in store. An RTX 40 Super launch would give Nvidia a leg up over AMD in 2023 and tide enthusiasts over until the Ada Lovelace generation sees light.

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