Xbox users urged to take advantage of free store credit

Xbox fans are urging fellow console users to cash in on Microsoft’s free store credit system, with speculation mounting that it will eventually be discontinued, as reported by GamingBible.

On a popular subreddit for Xbox Series X fans, users have noticed that the service has been in rapid decline despite there currently being no evidence that Microsoft intends to close it down.

By signing up for Microsoft rewards, gamers are given access to a service called Rewards With XBox, which allows you to earn points by buying and playing specific games. Once you’ve collected enough points, you can trade them in for products like Xbox Game Pass membership, raffle entries, competition entries, and free store credit.

It’s a similar service provided by the likes of Playstation and Steam, where it’s relatively easy for gamers to earn redeemable points simply by playing their favorite games.

However, Xbox gamers are expressing their concern on Reddit that the quality of the Microsoft rewards service is rapidly diminishing, leading to questions surrounding its future.

It comes after it was reported earlier this month that Microsoft had made significant changes to Xbox Game Pass quests, making it harder for gamers to earn Microsoft Rewards points. That might explain why some gamers are experiencing what they believe to be a rapidly declining service.

What are Xbox fans saying about Microsoft’s rewards service?

One gamer said: “It’s literally trash now. I used to take a couple of mins, and now it barely works. They know exactly what they are doing.”

“It’ll soon be time to cash out,” said another, while one gamer admitted their frustration by saying, “I’ve enjoyed grabbing every point each month. That easily adds up to a $10 gift card with about 1700 points left over. Not going to cause me to unsubscribe, but that sucks.”

Meanwhile, another user explained their frustration at not taking advantage when the service was in its pomp: “I’m ashamed of myself for never taking advantage of the rewards when I was a jobless teen.”

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