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In a Breaking Analysis, experts from theCUBE Collective and the data gang convened for their third yearly data predictions power panel to examine trends and prospects in the data sector. The panel included Sanjeev Mohan of Sanjmo, Tony Baer of dbInsight, IDC’s Carl Olofson, Dave Menninger from Ventana Research, now a part of ISG, and Doug Henschen with Constellation Research. During this insightful discussion, each panelist shared their foresight on the latest developments and possible future advancements in the data industry. Topics covered included the ever-growing implementation of artificial intelligence, the significance of data integration, and the critical need for secure systems in an increasingly connected world.

Market Leaders

Reviewing top analytics, BI, data, and machine learning platforms, the power panel acknowledged Microsoft Corp. and Amazon Web Services Inc.’s significant roles, paving the way ahead of Google Cloud. In addition, the remarkable growth of OpenAI, with a Net Score of nearly 80%, distinguished itself, as its account penetration was about seven times that of Anthropic PBC. Simultaneously, Snowflake Inc. and Databricks Inc. sustained strong momentum above 40%. Further analysis reveals that these companies are rapidly evolving to cater to the increasing demands of AI and data-driven industries. Such growth and competitiveness among these industry-leading platforms emphasize the significance of innovation and efficiency to stay ahead in the marketplace.

Predictions and Accuracy

Reflecting on the data analysts‘ of the past — 2023 predictions, it is evident that the data gang’s estimates were largely accurate. Some predictions included the emergence of unified metadata as a key player and the rising popularity of data products. The panel stressed that expectations regarding data catalogs and products were met and exceeded. AI advancements have hastened this progress, transforming data catalogs into adaptable tools and the widespread adoption of data products. Subsequently, data catalogs have become increasingly capable of integrating into diverse data environments, fostering collaboration and enhancing overall data accessibility. Similarly, data products have experienced significant growth, providing users with valuable insights, analytics, and solutions to drive better decision-making across various industries.

AI Integration into Data Catalogs

Data catalogs now include data quality, security, and privacy as AI progresses, rendering them indispensable in today’s data-centric world. These advanced capabilities enhance data management efficiency and ensure compliance with evolving data protection regulations. Moreover, they empower organizations to make well-informed, data-driven decisions while safeguarding sensitive information, elevating the overall effectiveness of their data strategies.

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