New PS5 slim color options announced at CES


At CES 2024, Sony sent waves of excitement through the gaming community by announcing the release of three new color choices for the PlayStation 5 “slim” console’s sideplates: blue, silver, and red. These new colors, anticipated to be available for purchase soon, feature an all-matte finish throughout the four cover sections, distinguishing them from the standard white PS5 slim.

Sony further hinted at the upcoming launch of black sideplates, providing even more aesthetic options for gamers. Introducing these new color schemes highlights Sony’s commitment to offering increased customization options for consumers, catering to a variety of individual preferences. With the pending release of the black sideplates, players will have even more choices in creating a personalized console look that suits their tastes and home entertainment setups.

Enhancing the appeal of the PS5 slim

The new color options, combined with the optional vertical stand, boost the visual attractiveness of the PS5 slim. This console remains available in disc drive and digital-only models, catering to a broad audience. The removable design of the sideplates streamlines Sony’s production process and likely contributes to cost reduction, making the console more affordable for consumers.

Furthermore, the variety of color options allows gamers to personalize their gaming experience, making the PS5 slim more appealing to a broader demographic. This fusion of aesthetics and affordability demonstrates Sony’s commitment to continually enhancing their products and providing options for diverse consumer preferences.

New color options PS5 slim
New color options PS5 slim
The silver PS5 slim looks like the original
The silver PS5 slim looks like the original

PlayStation 5 sales milestone

Sony has recently achieved a significant milestone: selling over 50 million PS5 units to gamers worldwide. This impressive figure speaks to the immense success and popularity of the gaming console among consumers. The rapid sales growth can be attributed to the PS5’s cutting-edge technology, exclusive game titles, and seamless gaming experience that appeals to a wide range of players.

DualSense controllers in matching colors

In addition to the console’s new color options, Sony plans to release DualSense controllers to gamers in matching colors. These controllers will not only provide an aesthetically pleasing gaming experience but also offer the same advanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers as the original DualSense controllers. Gamers can enjoy a seamless and visually coherent setup while immersing themselves in their favorite gaming worlds.

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