X removes support for NFT profile pictures


X, formerly known as Twitter, has set out its aims for the year ahead — but NFT profile pictures will not be included after their support was removed from the social media platform.

The axe has fallen on NFTs after a previous initiative permitted Twitter Blue users to use images minted on Ethereum as profile pictures in one of the subscriber benefits. The hexagonal profile icon shape remains for X Premium users for now, but it is unclear if that will change.

When the NFTs were in use, you could click on the profile picture to uncover more information, such as the collection, contact address, the TokenID attached to the NFT as well as the app it was minted on.

That has now changed, and it comes as no surprise that other prominent social media platforms ceased their NFT engagement. Both Instagram and Facebook, owned by Meta, shut down NFT support last year after their first experiments in 2022.

The value of some high-end digital assets has fallen compared to their peak level, with Tech Crunch citing Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) as one such example. Still, the market has shown signs of recovery, with CryptoSlam reporting trade volumes in excess of $1.6 billion.

X aims for growth

As for X, Elon Musk’s company has outlined its intentions with AI set to play a key role. It will aid its search and advertising capabilities while a plan is to launch peer-to-peer payments.

This development would contribute toward X’s perceived ambition to unlock significant commerce opportunities, influenced by the massive scope of China’s WeChat app. WeChat is a one-stop shop combining social media and instant messaging with a mobile payment functionality.

Musk also has Twitch in his sights, aiming to take on the Amazon-owned platform with monetized live streams on X.

The billionaire, known to be an enthusiastic gamer, commented on what X is creating on live-streaming while connected to Diablo 4 on an anonymous, incognito account.


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