Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: When you can play in UK, US, Europe and Australia

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was initially thought to end with its final DLC – but there’s still more to play.

Following on from the main game and DLCs, the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet epilogue is launching slightly differently from other DLCs, with it becoming available to play at different times around the world. Everyone around the world will be able to play the game today (January 11) – but not all at the same time.

The epilogue for the smash hit Nintendo franchise isn’t quite a full-fledged expansion, but there’s still plenty of interest for Pokemon gamers. Early leaks spotted by Gamerant suggest that a new mythical Pokemon could be making an appearance, along with some long-awaited multi-battle features.

This comes after Scarlet & Violet already introduced some new game mechanics in the story proper, such as Blueberry Quests to earn extra BP as you journey through the game.

It’s worth noting that you will need to play the entire game and the DLCs already to unlock the epilogue. Time is now short if you haven’t got there and are keen to play straight after its release, so it’s time to start the gaming grind if you haven’t already.

When can you play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet epilogue

Launching on January 11 at 9pm ET, usually, players around the world can simply log in from midnight the day of a release and play simultaneously. For this release, however, there are specific times for every region around the globe.

Here’s a summary of various major regions and their release times:

  • Los Angeles: January 11 at 6 am
  • New York: January 11 at 9 am
  • San Paulo: January 11 at 11 am
  • London: January 11 at 2 pm
  • Berlin: January 11 at 3 pm
  • Shanghai: January 11 at 10 pm
  • Hong Kong: January 11 at 10 pm
  • Tokyo: January 11 at 11 pm
  • Sydney: January 12 at 1 am

If your region isn’t mentioned, you can also find your local timezone and convert it to 9pm ET using online tools like this one.

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