Erasmus University: “The 25th anniversary ECB Symposium”

Taking place on January 16th in Rotterdam, this is the second part of the symposium at the Erasmus School of Economics & Rotterdam School of Management on this topic, organized by  Mary Pieterse-Bloem and Sylvester Eijffinger. The first part took place last July.

The symposium will cover many aspects of the euro and eurozone, but my presentation will be on the euro’s international role, so here’s a graphic apropos of that topic (fx currency reserve share and GDP share).

Figure 1: Estimated share of central bank foreign exchange reserves versus share of world GDP (market exchange rates), 1999-2022. LOESS (NN) fit, window=0.3. Source: Chinn, Frankel, Ito (2024) from COFER and WEO.

Here’re the presenters and papers for Tuesday:

Papers/presentations not online yet. I’ll post our slides when available (you can see related posts here and here.

The first session in July included:


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