Immortality: Exclusive Xbox favorite set for PS5 release


Former Xbox exclusive, Immortality, is soon to be made available to PlayStation 5 gamers, as reported by GamingBible.

Immortality is an interactive horror that centers around model-turned-actress Marissa Marcel. She goes missing after appearing in three films, all of which are never released, and it’s down to the player to solve the mystery of her disappearance by digging into her forgotten works. It’s almost like a horror meets murder mystery type title, and it’s received rave reviews since its release.

The game was applauded by the mainstream press also. Guardian’s review in 2022 said: “Very occasionally, a game comes along that is so entirely unlike anything you’ve ever played that it becomes an obsession.

“It is something that never existed before: a video game that is also three feature-length films, wrapped around a mystery so compelling that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else for days.

“It is so delicate and complex that it’s difficult to figure out how it even works.”

How was Immortality made?

The three films within Immortality include 10 hours of footage. The lead actor who plays Marissa Marcel, Manon Gage, appears in them all and said in an interview with the Guardian: “Marissa in each of the three movies, and I thought, this scope is incredible – what are we doing here? How is this a video game?

“The script was 400 pages long, and some of the best writing I’d read in years. You don’t read writing that’s this good, honestly, especially as a relative newcomer… I was enamored from the start.”

Once filming stopped, game developers, Half Mermaid, then went through every single frame, one by one, adding specific details of the footage to the game’s database, which would eventually allow players to click on details such as doorknobs, plants, and different actors to help piece together what they were viewing and eventually solve the mystery.

The game plays out differently depending on the choices you make as you go through all the different scenarios and review all the footage and evidence you uncover.

When will Immortality be released on PlayStation?

The single-player game was originally launched in 2022 on Windows, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices, but will make the jump to the popular Sony console on January 23.

It will cost gamers $19.99.

Featured Image: Photo by Kerde Severin on Unsplash

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