PlayStation Twitter account accidentally leaks upcoming PlayStation Classics title


In a now-deleted post on X, PlayStation seemed to announce Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare was due to come to the PlayStation Plus Premium Classics catalog. Although the post in question has been removed, there are multiple responses from users who saw it.

It was also briefly featured in a PlayStation Access video, though the video has since been reuploaded without the game in it. PlayStation Access is the official YouTube channel of PlayStation UK, the same branch of PlayStation that made the erroneous post.

Fans are hopeful that this mistake is indicative of the game coming to the Classics catalog at some point in the not-too-distant future. Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmare is a survival horror title originally launched in 2001 for PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, PC, and Game Boy Color. It was named the first-ever 3D survival horror game by the Guinness Book of Records.

How was this mistake made?

There is an upcoming Alone in the Dark remake by THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive, announced in August 2022. Originally due October 25, 2023, the game was delayed initially until January 16, 2024, to avoid a chaotic release window and then again until March 20, 2024 to avoid crunch over Christmas.

This second rescheduling could be where the error happened. If the classic Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmare was due to be released alongside the launch of Alone in the Dark 2024, it could be that the Tweet was prepared in advance and not changed when the launch of the game changed. PlayStation could have chosen to delay the release of Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmare on the Classics catalog to retain the proximity to the new game.

This is speculation of course and PlayStation themselves are staying mum about the mistake. However, it seems more likely that Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmares launch as a Classics title was done at the wrong time due to the new release date for Alone in the Dark 2024 than it being entirely a mistake.

There are 14 games coming to PlayStation Plus in January to keep you distracted from thinking about Alone in The Dark. Make sure you check them out.

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