MrBeast made $250k off one X video – how much can creators make on the platform?

The world’s biggest YouTuber, MrBeast, has confirmed a video he posted on X has generated over $250k in ad revenue.

The 25-year-old, who boasts 234 million YouTube subscribers having risen to fame with videos of audacious challenges and huge cash giveaways, recently announced he was curious to see how much revenue one of his videos would make on the platform previously known as Twitter. A week later, that video had amassed almost 160 million impressions, over 5 million engagements and precisely $263,655 in revenue for the creator.

In true MrBeast fashion, he then revealed he was going to give it all away at random to 10 of his 27 million X followers.

However, the content creator did admit he believed there to be a slight caveat to the success of his video. He said: “It’s a bit of a facade. Advertisers saw the attention it was getting and bought ads on my video (I think) and thus my revenue per view is prob higher than what you’d experience.”

How much can X content creators get paid?

Ever since Elon Musk opened up the possibility for verified X users to earn a cut of advertising revenue, many users have benefited from simply posting on the platform. X claims users are eligible to get paid up to 97% of the revenue they earn from the content they create, with the percentage dropping down to up to 90% once lifetime earnings hit $50,000.

Revenue increases as the engagement rate on a user’s post increases, while having a large number of followers also helps the algorithm. Put simply, advertisers pay more to have their brand alongside tweets they know have high engagement and from users who have a large, highly engaged audience.

Influencer Marketing Hub has created a handy calculator that gives users a rough idea of how much each of their tweets would earn in X ad revenue, based on their overall engagement rate. They list tactics such as specializing in a niche, naturally building a following, providing value to your audience, and engaging with followers as good ways to help grow the changes of earning revenue with X.

Earlier this year, Musk announced creators on X would see rewards “increase significantly.”

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