Trever Noah launches a new comedy special – in Fortnite

Titled JokeNite, comedian Trevor Noah has produced a comedy special featuring acts from well-known comedians within Epic Games’ Fortnite.

JokeNite launched on Wednesday, February 7, and will feature performances from comedians Matthew Broussard, Preacher Lawson, Scott Seiss, and Marcia Belsky. Players can find it at island code 6296-7829-6524 if you want to experience it for yourself, or on the “Epic Picks” section of the discovery page.

“Each comedian delivers a motion-captured performance delivered in a Fortnite Outfit, against the backdrop of a digitally rendered comedy club,” Day Zero Productions states.

“With JokeNite Royale, we’re blending two things my mom never wanted me to get into, comedy and gaming,” Noah commented in a statement shared with The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m excited to step into this uncharted territory, breaking down traditional barriers and offering a fresh, dynamic way for fans to experience comedy.”

Fortnite’s new world of collaborations

This comes after Fortnite’s parent company Epic Games announced a collaboration with Disney, spawning a new ‘universe’ with a $1.5 billion initial investment from Disney. The new universe will see Disney IP engage in new ways of play and entertainment.

On the heels of this new special from Noah and his team at Day Zero Productions, we could see a future Fortnite where it’s not just games taking place within the virtual world, but also new shows and movies exclusive to the platform. While JokeNite features motion-captured versions of real actors, the integration of Disney IP could also easily transition into animated or motion-captured versions of fictional characters.

This isn’t the first time that Fortnite has launched exclusive performances, having already launched performances from musical artists like Travis Scott and Eminem. This is the first time that a stand-up comedy special has been hosted on the platform, opening up new possibilities for performers and experiences on the platform.

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