Fortnite’s TMNT Battle Pass and Cowabunga event – all you need to know

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been floating around in Fortnite for a few weeks now, but it has all been leading up to this – the Cowabunga Event which has just started. It brings with it a new Battle Pass with both a free and premium tier depending on what cosmetics you want to hook yourself up with. Let’s see what’s on offer and what else we can expect from the event.

Fortnite x TMNT Cowabunga Battle Pass

As with all Fortnite Battle Passes, there is a free track in case you do not wish to shell out any hard-earned V Bucks. If you do want to buy it it will set you back 1,000 V Bucks and open up a host of new cosmetics while you play.

As you play you will earn Ooze (hopefully you will know enough about the Turtles universe to know that is not just a random thing), and as you collect Ooze you can unlock tiers of the Battle Pass, simple.

You need 11,000 Ooze to complete the Battle Pass and unlock Super Shredder as you can see in the image above.

Cowabunga Battle Pass Rewards

An image of all the Cowabunga Battle Pass rewards in Fortnite

Whatever track you choose to go down with the TMNT Battle Pass there are rewards to be gained. To make it easy to remember, we have listed them below.

Free Track Ooze Premium Track Ooze
Emote 1000 Shredder Outfit with LEGO variant (Free) Free
Kuro Kabuto Bass 2000 Shredder’s Cape Back Bling 1000
Level +1 3000 Krang Spray 2000
Emote 4000 Level +1 3000
TMNT Pizza Back Bling 5000 Shredder’s Steel Claws Pickaxe 4000
Level +1 6000 Emote 5000
Emote 7000 Level +1 6000
Ninja Turtles Loading Screen 8000 Shredder Emoticon 7000
Ooze Wrap 9000 Super Shredder’s Cape Back Bling 8000
Emote 10000 Shredder vs. Splinter Loading Screen 9000
Turtle Blimp Glide 11000 Super Shredder Pickaxe 10000
Super Shredder Outfit 11000

How to get the Krang Back Bling

There is a final item you can collect during the Cowabunga event and that is the Krang Back Bling. This item does not require the collection of Ooze, rather you need to scour the map to collect in-game Blueprints. You get blueprints by completing quests that will go live over the course of the event. Complete all the quests and you will be awarded the back bling. Completing the quests and the Battle Pass will give you all the TMNT gear available.

The quests you need to complete and when they go live are as follows.

Stick to the Shadows – 9th Feb
Gear Up! – 12th Feb
Cowabunga Clash – 15th Feb
Give ’em Shell – 18th Feb
Showdown Shred – 21st Feb
Shellebrate – 24th Feb

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