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What are you up to this weekend? The sun is finally coming out after a very rainy day, and it feels good! I’m hosting a games night tomorrow, and the boys and I might make this tater tot number. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

In today’s Big Salad issue, beauty critic Jessica DeFino shares her #1 beauty product, her glamorous work-from-home uniform, and the best thing about living in her grandma’s house.

Love these two spring dresses: short and long.

A breathe-and-squeeze technique for battling flight anxiety. “Let’s all make a conscious decision to squeeze our buttocks.”

WOW, this David Foster Wallace piece about compassion made me weep.

How cool is this IKEA bed small bedrooms?

Larry David’s one true love.

My mother’s dementia symptoms were pushed off for far too long.”

This question made me laugh. (Classic Kottke!)

A guide to airplane snacks.

Would you have an adult sleepover?

Yummmmm, a spinach and artichoke pan pizza.

Busted, hahaha.

Plus, four reader comments:

Says ELB on funny words: “My friend went to Starbucks. They asked his name. He told them Mark, with a K. They wrote Kark.”

Says Katie on funny words: “I was once on a call with a female CSO and had to spell out a series of letters. ‘DD…like the bra size?’ We both cracked up laughing.”

Says Lee on funny words: “For my job, I have to call insurance companies when they’ve wrongly denied medical claims. It’s often frustrating, but once in a while, you reach a rep who is an absolute gem of person. One of these beautiful souls gave me the call reference number as ‘S for smile, F for fantastic, A for amazing,’ etc. Her unexpected choice brightened my day – she said it was her way of fighting to stay positive. Shout out to the kind people who make glimmers happen even in the midst of dreaded insurance calls. PS Once when I blanked on a call, I kept saying ‘L for lollipop’…for a name that had four Ls. There was no going back lol.”

Says Heather on funny words: “My only comment after reading through dozens of comments on this post: I love you people and deeply believe that the world would be a better place if it was exclusively run by humans like you.”

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