Jon Lovett, ‘Pod Save America’ Host and Former Obama Speechwriter, Joins ‘Survivor’

Jon Lovett is transitioning from the cutthroat world of American politics to the equally ruthless arena of “Survivor.”

Lovett, co-host of the political podcast “Pod Save America” and former speechwriter for President Barack Obama, is set to appear on the next season of “Survivor.” A teaser for the 47th season of the competition show features a contestant who appears to be Lovett, 41, admitting he’s out of his element.

“I have no outdoor skills,” he says in the footage. “What am I doing here? I went camping as a cub scout. I threw up and went home.”

Jon Lovett, co-host of “Pod Save America,” appears to be joining “Survivor” as a contestant. Lovett discusses U.S. politics on “Pod Save America,” which launched in January 2017, the month of former President Donald Trump’s inauguration, alongside fellow Obama alums Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, and Dan Pfeiffer. He also hosts the “Lovett or Leave It” podcast and co-founded the media company Crooked Media.

Favreau seemed to confirm Lovett’s participation in “Survivor” Season 47 by sharing the teaser clip on X, writing, “What did I tell you? Eat Pray Lovett.”

Writer Evan Ross Katz reacted to the news on X, comparing Lovett’s casting to that of “White Lotus” creator Mike White, who was a contestant on “Survivor: David vs. Goliath.” Chris Geidner, author of the Law Dork newsletter, also joked on X, “Some people say they want to take some time away before the presidential campaign season heats up. Other people do something about it.”

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Season 47 of “Survivor” started filming about a week ago in Fiji and is expected to debut in the fall.

“We are very excited to bring our fans another season of ‘Survivor’ featuring 18 new faces who are ready to take on the ‘Survivor’ adventure,” host Jeff Probst told EW. “One of the most enjoyable parts of making ‘Survivor’ is that you spend nearly a year looking for new players and then day 1 arrives and you turn the entire show over to them!”

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