What does Toast do in MultiVersus?

It’s always fun when developers throw in some funky mechanics into their games to add a little flavor to the core gameplay. MultiVersus definitely has a couple of these with one being the Toast system – something that has carried over from the beta to the full title.

Here, we’ll explain what Toast does in MultiVersus as it’s not exactly made clear to you in-game. Additionally, we’ll take you through how to actually do it so you’re not left in the dark on how to utilize the feature.

What is Toast in MultiVersus?

You might have seen at the end of a MultiVersus match that you’ve best ‘Toasted’ by another player. This is a way to essentially tip your hat to your opponent and give them some kudos.

In the beta, Toasting granted the Toastee a whopping 25 Gold but since the currency system has undergone a rework with additions such as Prestige Points, things have certainly changed for the full release.

Now, if you Toast someone, you’ll be giving them five Fighter Currency to add to their pool. This is a lesser benefit than the aforementioned Gold but it is still a valuable resource since Fighter Currency is used to unlock new characters.

How to Toast in MultiVersus

If you want to Toast someone in MultiVersus and repay the favor, simply wait until the match finishes and you should see the option to Toast under the player’s banner. The button/key varies depending on your bindings but it should be pretty easy to deduce since it’ll be right there in front of you.

One thing to note here though is that the Toast option will only appear after a rematch is denied, so if you don’t see it straight away, this is why.

You can Toast multiple players if you wish but if you take a look at the top right of the screen, you’ll see that Toasting isn’t infinite. So, while you might be a generous soul, handing out as many Toasts as possible, do remember you will run out if you’re not careful.

Toast stores do replenish simply by playing the game or logging in on different days, but you may be waiting a while if you go trigger happy.

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