Concord – Release date, trailers, platforms, and everything we know

Concord is the all-new game from one of PlayStation’s more recent acquisitions – Firewalk Studios. First revealed back in May 2023, those eagerly awaiting any more information have been treated to a full info blast in May 2024’s State of Play.

Because of this, we have a plethora of notes to give you on Firewalk’s take on a 5v5 Overwatch-esque hero shooter, including the release date, new trailers, platforms, beta access, and more.

Concord release date

Seeing as though Concord was announced a little while ago, you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on the space hero FPS.

In fact, the Concord release date is August 23, 2024 making it almost three months away at time of writing – a real Summer time treat. Since this official date was revealed on the most recent PlayStation State of Play, unless something goes awry, we do not expect it to slip any further.

Yes, some games have been known to change release date even if it is a week away for example, but it is highly unlikely for a title of this ilk. Roll on August!

Concord trailers

When Concord was announced, details were few and far between, and this was certainly shared with the first trailer. This aptly named teaser trailer had a short, cinematic look at what appeared to be a Guardians of the Galaxy-like ship, and that’s about it.

With the newest aforementioned State of Play though, there were a couple of trailer additions – cinematic and gameplay.

The cinematic trailer is a meaty affair coming in at almost 5 minutes long. This aims to provide a bit of a back story to a variety of characters in the game, setting the tone before the battles begin.

The gameplay trailer shows off what the core of the title looks like from a variety of character perspectives. This means a sneak peek at what’s in store for their abilities and roles, so you can get a feel for who you might main come release.

The gunplay certainly gives off Destiny 2 vibes, and when paired with Overwatch-esque heroes, it looks like it’ll be a fast-paced but strategic battle.

Concord platforms

Concord is available on two platforms – PS5 and PC. The PS5 portion is obviously expected since Firewalk is in the PlayStation Studios family, but it is good to see it will get a day one release on PC also.

This will hopefully aid the player base and keep interest going into the Holiday season and beyond.

As for an Xbox release, it is highly doubtful, especially in the first year. We may not ever see Concord on Xbox since the two console giants are at constant loggerheads, moreso now than ever.

Concord pre-order bonuses

As with most games that get announced, you can secure a pre-order which grants you some extra goodies as an incentive.

For Concord, there are a couple of pre-order bonuses that are dangled in front of you – a character cosmetic pack and beta access.

concord pre order bonusesconcord pre order bonuses

The cosmetic pack is called the Monarch Pack and appears to have a specific character and weapon skin.

In regards to the beta access, this will be a ticket not only for yourself but for four other friends also meaning you can get a full squad going right out of the gate.

However, pre-orders only go live from June 6, 2024 so you will have to wait a few days to ensure you secure that all-important beta access.

Concord beta dates

Concord game logoConcord game logo

Following on from the pre-order bonus of gaining Concord beta access – what dates are you looking at for it?

Well, while a specific set of days hasn’t been revealed, we do know the month – July 2024. This makes complete sense seeing as though the full title launches in August, but it does cut things a little fine if big reworks need to be done to characters.

Maybe Firewalk is thinking of this as more of a server stress test than the usual beta and will follow up with hero changes for updates later down the line.

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