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A video AI startup based in New York City, Runway ML, has revealed a partnership with Getty Images to create a pioneering generative AI video model called Runway Getty Images Model (RGM). The startup is backed by Google and Nvidia. The purpose of this model is to act as a base for businesses to develop tailored models for generating video content. This innovative collaboration allows companies to streamline their video production process, significantly reduce costs, and create customizable content using AI-generated visuals. The RGM enables users to access a vast library of Getty Images assets, empowering them to design unique videos that cater to their specific marketing and promotional needs.

Runway ML’s enterprise clients will be able to refine RGM using their own datasets, allowing companies in various sectors, such as Hollywood studios, advertising, media, and broadcasting, to boost their creative potential and explore new methods for video creation. This customization feature will enable businesses to generate tailored content that aligns with their specific needs and industry trends, enhancing their market competitiveness. Additionally, it is expected to save time and resources, as companies can create high-quality visual content more efficiently through the adaptability of RGM technology.

The collaboration with Getty Images adds credibility to Runway ML’s AI expertise while offering a fresh data source for training the firm’s models. By partnering with one of the world’s leading visual media companies, Runway ML gains access to a vast library of images and content, which is crucial in improving the accuracy and functionality of their AI models. This partnership benefits Runway ML’s ongoing research efforts and broadens the potential applications for its cutting-edge technology in various industries, such as media, advertising, and design.

Updates to Runway Machine Learning’s Gen-2 web-based application

This announcement follows substantial updates to Runway ML’s video generation AI web-based application, Gen-2. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, Gen-2 provides users with incredibly realistic video generation and seamless editing functionality. With these enhancements, Runway ML aims to streamline user experience and expand creative possibilities for both amateurs and professionals alike. Generative video AI technology advancements continue to propel the company ahead of the competition, offering increasingly realistic and captivating content.

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