Fortnite Leaks 3 New Game Modes

Fortnite Festival could be set to land three additional game modes after information was leaked on the video game.

Developed and published by Epic Games, Fortnite was first released in 2017 and can be played on various platforms, including Xbox, Playstation, iOS, and Android. In the main game, players collect items, build structures, and battle it out to be the ultimate victor.

The title shares the same general gameplay across its different modes, including Fortnite: Save The World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Festival.

The latter involves players aging along to popular rock songs as they aim to hit notes to the rhythm on the Main Stage or to chill on the Jam Stage. Now, Game Rant has reported that it could be set to benefit from three additional game modes following leaks from iFireMonkey.

What will the new modes include?

Early indications suggested that fans of Fortnite Festival would have one subgame mode to enjoy in the form of Music Battle, but it appears that Arena and Duel will make up a trio of new game modes to explore.

The unconfirmed details are centered around gameplay tags found within the game files by reliable data miners.

iFireMonkey has intimated that Music Battle will enable gamers to beat their opponent by hitting the right notes on the same track. Still, no specific, similar info has been given on the others.

Duel, as the name suggests, will possibly host two-player competitions, while Arena used to be a ranked Battle Royale game mode, so Fortnite fans could already indicate what it will have to offer.

Further teasers and social media drops are likely to follow, including release dates, as Epic Games brings these modes to completion, whilst the data miners will be able to extract some more detail on the master plan.

The next stage of the Fortnite Festival development is on the way.

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