Arc search: New AI companion combines a browser, search and chatbot

A new app called Arc Search aims to combine web browsing, search, and AI capabilities into one service.

Developed by The Browser Company, creators of the Arc web browser, Arc Search seeks to reinvent the search engine experience by automatically generating custom webpages with summarized information on any topic.

Rather than showing a list of blue links, Arc Search uses AI to scan multiple websites, extracting key details to build a unique mini site with bullets, stats, context, and links related to the search query. For example, asking “What happened in the Chiefs game?” prompts Arc to scan sports sites, Twitter, and news outlets, returning a custom page with the final score, key plays, player details and more on the AFC championship.

“Arc Search browses the web for you and then builds you the webpage you wanted. That’s the idea, anyway,” explains The Verge.

This idea in itself isn’t new. Tech evangelicals have been prophesizing this would be the direction of travel for search since ChatGPT exploded into the public consciousness at the end of 2022.

The “Browse for me” feature that enables this AI-powered search is still in the early stages, but shows significant potential to change how people find information online.

Arc Search also represents a shift in strategy for The Browser Company, which up until now focused mostly on developing a cross-platform web browser called Arc. With a new mobile app and expanded AI capabilities, the company is now working to sync Arc across devices while bringing more automation and personalization to web exploration.

Where can I try Arc?

The app is currently only available on Apple’s iOS but there are rumors it will soon be coming to Android.

There are still open questions about how Arc Search will attribute content sources, respect publisher relationships, handle personalization and address other AI concerns. However, the app provides a compelling vision for the future of mobile search and browsing.

Arc Search is a free download, providing The Browser Company opportunities to court mobile users at scale to hone its AI models. As rival tech giants like Google race to imbue their products with more AI smarts, Arc Search presents a scrappy alternative reimagining one of computing’s most essential functions – the search bar.

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