“Legally-Distinct Pocket Creatures” may be Palworld Modder’s revenge on Nintendo

YouTuber Toasted Shoes got a DMCA notice after uploading a trailer of Palworld to Pokemon mod on Twitter. He said in a video, “We were planning on releasing the mod for free on Nexus.” This will, clearly, no longer be possible — but the video still hit 100,000 views before it was taken down. PCgamer said that Toasted Shoes team of modders is not to be stopped, and they have “devised an infernal concoction of bootleg Poléman — straight from the pits of Hades.” The mod seems to be designed to “yank the chain” of the lawyers and fans alike.

Many likely noticed the 1.3 Steam update for Palworld last week, with over eight million players finding out the the infinite loading screen bug got worse. Thanks to Pocketpair, an update patch was deployed.

Using a mod that is “not a reference to anything, I promise,” the YouTuber lets viewers share the adventures of the “teenage boy in cap” as he embarks on multiple hunts and brings down legally distinct species. The new character looks like it is designed after ToastedShoes himself and wears a red and white cap. Firefox, Yellow Rat, Braided Sheep, and everyone’s favorite — Fat Cock –are among this “cute” bunch of creatures. Some say this mod has turned out worse than Pikachu carrying a pickaxe. However, there are a few really unique animals that were created expressly to avoid looking like props from a certain Nintendo-published series.

Although Palworld’s derivative Pal designs have drawn criticism for being occasionally too similar for comfort, they are nevertheless attractive. Instead of being strapped together with royalty-free models and released onto unsuspecting audiences, they were actually created and designed by someone, separate from all the” rules.”

The teenage boy in the red and white cap moves through his ordeals and has a climactic battle with Saul Goodman. Saul Goodman conjures a “cease” letter out of a jar. It’s sort of a reskin of the game’s Syndicate Tower battle with Rayne, riding up on Grizzbolt.

If you haven’t already become addicted to the Palworld platform, you will — here’s how to join. It is delightfully fresh and fun, and you may want to look for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for two years. And, most importantly, here’s how to level up, fast.

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Featured Image Credit: Palworld; Toasted Shoes

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