New Apple TV update marks end of an era


Change is coming to the Apple TV box with the end of the iTunes Store as the required portal for all shows and film requirements.

Apple is set to release its tvOS 17.2 update in the coming days and that will signal the last of the iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps on the TV box, as featured on T3.

From this point, the TV app will be the go-to feature for all content for users of Apple TV 4K and any older devices.

At the time of writing, the iTunes Store app on iPhone and iPad is still in use for film and series purchasing, but it will be interesting to see how soon there is further change and any demise for the iTunes brand.

That appears to be the direction of travel and in terms of uniformity and simplicity, it makes sense for all video content to be listed and available on the Apple TV app. The tech behemoth has already installed a prompt for users, directing them to the TV app for all purchases and rentals.

As expected, all existing and previous purchases will be stored and available on the new, updated TV app.

Design changes and continuity

tvOS 17.2 is the new version being rolled out which will add some options previously missing in TV, such as genre filters and also box set listings in the store.

A new sidebar design will be apparent on the new TV app with improvements to the navigation system.

Home screen icons for iTunes Movies and TV Shows will still show, but selecting these options will connect to a landing page to access the store or existing purchases in the Apple TV app. As time goes on, these screen icons could be removed without much fuss as consumers become more familiar with the central TV app functionality.

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