New Samsung update sparks wave of bugs on many Galaxy phones

Today saw a new UI update roll out on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, as the devices were upgraded to One UI 6.0.

However, many phones encountered issues with Google Play system updates, with a bug meaning many S20, S22, S23, Z Fold 5, A33, and possibly other devices didn’t get the update.

It’s normal for Google Play system versions to sometimes be released alongside firmware updates and at other times rolled out separately. Both methods usually work well but the current issue is that many Galaxy phones are now a few months behind schedule. As a result, ongoing attempts at manual updates have only led to more problems.

What issues are Samsung Galaxy users facing?

Many Samsung Galaxy phones are stuck on system updates dating anywhere from between early May to September. The bug causes a number of tricky knock-on effects when users attempt to install new Google Play system updates manually.

Some users reportedly get messages such as Your device is up to date” and Updates are temporarily unavailable”, according to SamMobile. Even worse, some phones begin the update process, seemingly downloading a newer Google Play system version and asking for a system restart, appearing to work smoothly.

However, once you complete this process, the phone remains on the same GP system update as before, without updating to the new UI interface. When trying to update again, users then found themselves facing an endless “Checking for update…” message.

Although phones don’t get stuck on this screen and users can return to the previous menu, it proves impossible to redownload the update.

Is there a solution?

A similar problem has happened in the past and Samsung has ironed out the issue without users needing to do anything.

However, if the issue persists for over a week or if other issues present on your phone, your safest bet is to contact Samsung customer service directly to get personalized advice on how to solve the problem and update your phone successfully.

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