Nintendo live Tokyo canceled over violent threats

Nintendo has dealt a major blow to gaming fans by announcing the cancellation of its highly-anticipated Nintendo Live 2024 event scheduled for January in Tokyo, Japan, according to a recent Dexerto report. The extreme move came after multiple “disturbing and specific” threats of violence were made against both Nintendo employees and fans planning to attend the event.

Nintendo Live events have become legendary in the gaming community, offering die-hard Nintendo fans hands-on gameplay with new title releases, gaming tournaments, developer discussions, and exclusive Nintendo swag. Over 100,000 attendees were expected at Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo which was set to feature high-stakes tournaments for hit games like Splatoon 3 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Nintendo says they regret canceling the event

In a translated statement, Nintendo expressed regret in having to cancel an event fans had waited years for but said “detailed and credible threats” left them no choice but to prioritize safety over the event. They did not disclose the specifics of the threats. Online discussion boards have lit up with fans expressing everything from disappointment to outright rage.

Though gaming events have dealt with threats before related to cheating disputes or match-fixing controversies, threats against fans are extremely rare, especially with violence. So far it is unclear if the threats are related to internal Nintendo conflicts or profit disputes with partner developers or if the company just found itself in the middle of larger sociopolitical turmoil crossfire.

Along with canceling Nintendo Live altogether, Nintendo also announced they have postponed the high-profile Splatoon 3 and Mario Kart tournaments indefinitely, with no details on if or when they may be rescheduled. Given the extreme step of canceling Nintendo Live altogether, the company appears to be taking the threats extremely seriously.

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