Apple AirPods Pro USB-C case stands alone for $99

Allowing a standalone purchase, Apple has begun selling the USB-C charging case for its second-generation AirPods Pro. for $99. For those who have already started switching all their gadgets to USB-C and own a pair of 2nd generation AirPods Pro with the Lightning case — you’ve already upgraded with a less expensive option.
Many have set their sights on having the newest Apple AirPods this year. The AirPods Pro 2nd generation with the USB-C is $249, but you can purchase the MagSafe-compatible AirPods Pro USB-C case separately for $99. The regular AirPods 2nd generation currently go for $129, followed by AirPods 3rd generation that start at about #169. Each is available now — just in time for holiday purchases.
If you have second-generation buds, you can use Apple’s software features. Apple has made it easy with a one-tap setup, personalized spatial audio, audio sharing, and automatic switching.
Check out your local Apple store for updated stock, as the delivery date estimates currently show an “after-Christmas arrival date.” for this purchase. You won’t catch a break on Amazon delivery, either. Amazon dates are also listed as December 28th to January 8, 2024.
The Apple USB-C AirPods Pro released earlier this year is dust-resistant and can handle splashes of water, and the standalone case has an IP54 rating, just like the AirPod Pros. An IP54 rating means that “your product will be protected against contamination from limited amounts of dust and other particles.” The AirPod Pro is also protected from water sprays from all directions.

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