Chrome’s password safety tool will now automatically run in the background

Google has confirmed that its Chrome Safety Check feature will now operate automatically in the background.

In a blog post released on Thursday (21 Dec), the tech behemoth outlined that your system will be on constant alert to advise of a required password change, even if earlier than it would otherwise be required or if your details have been compromised.

Designed to be more personalized and proactive, Safety Check will display a prompt if you are not using the latest version of Chrome or if any extensions contain a possible risk. The alerts will appear within the three-dot menu on the browser.

Another new, interesting feature to be introduced is Saved tab groups.

This function will allow several tabs to be listed together and stored away in one place, say for different online shopping items or maybe you are using different sources for work-related purposes. Once saved the groups can then be utilised on other devices. Users can benefit from this feature “over the next few weeks”.

More performance power to come from Google Gemini

Google previously introduced Memory Saver, a performance tool to help Chrome run more efficiently, including details of your tabs’ memory usage. The saver mode provides memory options for when your tabs are inactive, whilst it can also give priority to sites to always stay active.

This latest update included an indication that much more is to come from Google Gemini, its most advanced AI model. It will power further performance features to help the user work smarter across different formats for the specific task required.

Gemini is available in three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano for everything from complex network needs to functional use for the smartphone in your pocket.

The rollout of Gemini for Chrome will be an intriguing addition to see just what it can do, and how it will elevate browsing and general cross-platform computing.

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