Families of Israeli hostages urge Evangelical leaders to tell their loved ones’ stories to the world

This is Kanan Lashinski reporting for All Israel News. We’re here with Joel Rosenberg and a delegation of Evangelical Christian leaders. We are set to meet with representatives and families of hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza. Our aim is to share their stories, presenting individual narratives rather than abstract numbers. The essence of our work is to facilitate connections between delegations like yours and these families, fostering a deeper understanding of their personal struggles.

One such story is that of Omri, who was abducted during the Nova Festival. Witnessing him handcuffed in a pickup truck through a video at 8:00 p.m. marked the last time his family saw him. Omri, who suffers from asthma, is without his inhaler in captivity. The mother shares the emotional impact, drawing a parallel to her own struggles with asthma.

Another family reveals the challenges faced by the children whose father is still in captivity. The absence of their father impedes the children’s recovery, emphasizing the human toll of these hostage situations.

We also heard a plea for action from the families, urging people of influence to not let the story fade away. The call is for continuous awareness and sustained efforts to bring the hostages back home. They stress the importance of ordinary individuals raising their voices, speaking to neighbors, colleagues, and family members, creating a collective effort to raise awareness.

Joel Rosenberg, part of the delegation, emphasized that this is not just an Israeli issue, with hostages of 25 different nationalities, including Americans. He condemned the actions of Hamas as evil and emphasized the need for a strong international humanitarian effort to secure the release of the hostages.

The delegation expressed outrage, particularly as Americans, and pledged to use their voices to amplify the call for solidarity with Israel. They deemed this not a matter of equivalency but a stark contrast between good and evil, calling for condemnation and elimination of the atrocities committed by Hamas.

In conclusion, the delegation conveyed their commitment to echoing the families’ calls and reporting on their stories, emphasizing the importance of bringing all hostages back home.

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