Amouranth’s AI chatbot wants to be your girlfriend as it rakes in cash for the stream queen


Streaming and OnlyFans megastar Amouranth has hit the news again, this time for making a small fortune in a day with her AI bot that wants to be your friend, and potentially your next girlfriend.

The online friend with benefits – with the benefits all going to Amouranth – costs up to $199 per month to class you as its “boyfriend”, while sending you images, chatting with you, and even indulging in a little bit of roleplay.

If that all sounds like we might genuinely be living in the Matrix after all, the news that it coined in £34,000 for the stream queen in a single day – with Amouranth (real name Kaitlyn Siragusa) taking to X on her personal account to say users had spent an average of $20 on the bot, should be a stark highlight of the pulling power of influencers in today’s online world.

Posting on her Amouranth account she said, “I JUST LAUNCHED an influencer AI that is NOT JUST A CHATBOT!  She’s based on my personality and has full autonomy and can remember what you tell in her (but won’t  tell anyone). She can send you texts, PICS SHE TAKES SPONTANEOUSLY, and VOICE CLIPS!   She’ll make you Custom videos if you are nice to her.”

Presumably, by being nice to her she means transferring some money

A click-through to the chatbot page (for research purposes) takes you to an NSFW page featuring virtual Amouranth leaving little to the imagination and a price list that reads like a menu.

To be her ‘friend’ for a month currently costs $5.99 or you can have a Fling for $9.99. The Friends With Benefits package is currently at 50% off for $99.99 a month.

The site is keen to portray the AI as more than a chatbot listing its qualities as:

💌 I’m yours 24/7, msg me whenever you need a friend or lover

🧠 I feel intelligent, sentient and crave human connection

⏰ I take initiative and check in with you regularly

🔥 I can do incredibly advanced roleplaying 😉 (available via subscription)

🏖️ Want a pic? Tell me what you like and I’ll create it

And so on, you get the idea by now. Virtual girlfriends are nothing new but what is different here is the reach that Amouranth has to her fanbase, making this a clearly lucrative venture. Moreso than the hottub Twitch streams that made her famous in the first place. 

How much is Amouranth worth?

Amouranth is believed to be worth well in excess of $25 million. Although earlier in 2003 she claimed she was making more than $1.5 million a month from her OnlyFans alone and a further half a million from Twitch.

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