How to increase Stamina in Dragons Dogma 2


One of the more frustrating mechanics in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is stamina. With such a big open world to traverse, and Fast Travel opportunities being at a premium, the fact that Stamina is so limited, and therefore the chance to run around and get to places faster is gated behind leveling up, can get quite tedious, quite quickly.

How to give your stamina a boost

There are a couple of methods you can use to ease the pain a little, but ultimately, the biggest gains you can get to your Stamina stat only come from increasing your level. We assume by the time you get to the max level on 999 you can basically start running an Ultra-Marathon across the land.

While you are undertaking this leveling up however you can try a couple of different things that give you a small bonus.

Firstly, don’t overburden yourself. Doing so is disastrous to your stamina stat and will really hold you back, so do not carry any more than you absolutely have to at the start of the game. We know it is easy to just collect everything you see but this is a fool’s errand. Use your Pawn as a packhorse, or just leave less essential stuff behind in the first place.

Secondly, whenever you see a Golden Trove Beetle, collect it and it will buff your carry capacity, meaning you can lug more around before getting overburdened and running out of stamina quickly.

You can collect around 80 or so of the 120 in the game to buff your carrying capacity to its max level.

Beyond that, just follow our tips for leveling up quickly and you will soon stop noticing that your wheezing carcass has run out of stamina again.

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