Resorts World Ends Free Parking to Make Visits More Rewarding

The list of Strip casinos with free parking looks like it’s been in the pool, if you get our drift. It’s shrinking, fellow kids. This was a reference to a television show called “Seinfeld.” Its final episode aired 26 years ago, if you don’t count the last episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

The point is free parking is rare in Las Vegas, and Resorts World just joined the list of resorts that don’t have it, unless you’re in the loyalty club and hold Elite tier status or above.

To cushion the blow, Resorts World created the new Elite tier just for the occasion, and to “make your experience even more rewarding.” We are not making this up. You do feel more rewarded paying for parking, right?

It’s possible you haven’t been there yet, which could explain all your disposable income.

Resorts World sent out notice about the loyalty club changes to members via e-mail on May 23, 2024.

The new parking policy and Elite tier start June 1, 2024.

After June 1, the tiers will be Royal, Elite, Prime, Monarch and Imperial.

Previously, any loyalty club member could get free parking a Resorts World, including Royal. Starting June 1, Royal tier members will get free parking “through tier credits earned by playing and using your Genting Rewards loyalty card.”

Oy, our hands are tired. Read this.

Today’s swift kick to the Guggenheim Museum.

Players need to earn 3,000 tier credits from dining, shopping or gambling to attain Elite status and earn free self-parking.

Apparently, Resorts World is just too busy, so they’re trying to cut down on some of that pesky “revenue-generating business.”

The casino hasn’t updated its Web site with Elite yet, but you can see all the other levels and benefits on the official site.

The bottom line is if you aren’t Elite tier or above, parking will cost a whopping $18 (flat rate) at Resorts World. Valet parking is $25 to $75, depending upon the whim of whoever’s in charge that day.

Resorts World says all guests will get their first three hours of parking free, as is the policy at Wynn and Encore.

Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts casinos (most of The Strip) offer three hours free for Nevada residents.

Parking at TI, Casino Royale and Circus Circus is still free on The Strip. Tropicana was on the list, but recently closed to become an empty lot. Long story.

If you do park at Resorts World, park in the right garage, otherwise you’re in for a trek.

If they don’t let you park in “Hotel Parking,” go immediately to any other casino.

This change in Resorts World’s parking policy is surprising given the resort isn’t exactly bodying, a term our fellow youths use to say, “going like gangbusters.” Not only have Resorts World and its owner Genting reportedly struggled financially, it is in the throes of a bigtime money laundering scandal that’s still unfolding.

We love Resorts World, but don’t visit often due to the fact its slot machines are tighter than yoga pants on an elephant seal after a visit to Cold Stone Creamery on a “Two-fer Tuesday.”

Paid parking may not be a deal breaker for a lot of folks, but it is for some.

If Resorts World is trying to pay its looming fines $18 at a time, it’s in more trouble than we thought.

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