Natasha Burnett Breaks Down Season 11 for the Canfield’s and Teases what’s in Store for the Finale

Natasha Burnett has portrayed Minnie Canfield on “When Calls the Heart” since Season 8. Over the past four seasons, Minnie’s character has evolved significantly, becoming an integral part of Hope Valley and making the Canfield family a central element of the show.

Reflecting on her character’s growth, Burnett said passionately, “I think this was a good season for Minnie to really come into her own. This season it wasn’t just about the choir, because it was about the choir in season 10 so she had the choir to play with. It was dealing with Joseph’s family and I know the hearties for a long time have been wanting to hear more about what goes on and what happened with the Canfield’s before they came to Hope Valley, so I think that was a nice little easter egg for them to work through with the Canfield family. I think that was something nice for Minnie to be part of and then of course she became a listening ear and a caring ear for Faith and a few other members of the community, so I think this season she really found her place.”

Hearties have long been curious about the Canfields’ backstory, and this season delivered with the arrival of Joseph’s brother, Jacob, to Hope Valley. Initially, it wasn’t a happy reunion, but Minnie played a crucial role in bridging the gap between the brothers and bringing them closer together. Minnie’s lived experiences helped her talk Joseph into mending things with Jacob. When asked how Minnie’s background influenced her approach, Burnett explained, “I think that just being from a religious background was a big one for Minnie, and the backstory of Minnie and Joseph having been together for such a long time, and also back in those times would almost imply that they got married younger as they often did and there were a lot of connections between families and so they would have known each other. She would have known that whole family so well and vice versa and so this, for her, was almost as personal as it was for Joseph and mending that because of course communication those days was certainly not an iPhone.”

Minnie has always been a fierce protector and advocate for her blind daughter, Angela. This season, Elizabeth encouraged Angela to apply to a college specifically for blind students in Hamilton, which forced Minnie to confront the idea of Angela being off on her own. Burnett shared her thoughts on how Minnie would handle Angela potentially leaving for college, saying, “That would be a really nice story that I hope we can expand on, because whether she ends up going in the end or not I think it’s a relatable story. It’s such a relatable story for so many parents especially for parents that have a child with any type of disability and relating with how do you manage that because now you can’t protect them, but you also know they have to grow and you realize the time in your life where you needed to grow and your parents had to give you that opportunity to spread your wings. I think it would be a really beautiful story if I’m hopefully able to tell it.” 

The Hearties, the dedicated fanbase of “When Calls the Heart,” hold a special place in Burnett’s heart. She expressed her appreciation, saying, “Viv and I came on in season 8 and we had no idea the hearties were so dedicated. They’re like no other I have never seen a fandom like this before. They are so invested and it’s not just in the story, they care so much for each other as fellow hearties and they really come together all the time and for the Canfield’s as well.” Burnett stated as she gushed about the fandom’s response to the show. “We really wouldn’t be where we are without them and for them loving our stories and saying they want to see more of our backstory, more of our family and that really warms our hearts to know that they feel that way about our family that we created on the show. They’re so invested in all the characters I love reading their tweets about all of the characters just what really matters to them and hearing how they feel as stories divert and things like that it’s a really fun thing to follow on Twitter.” 

As for the season finale, Burnett teased what viewers can expect, including the wedding between Mei and Mike and whether the season will end on a cliffhanger. To hear those details and watch the full interview, click on the link below.


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