Amazon Luna launches individual game purchase for Ubisoft library

Amazon Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming platform, has launched a new feature allowing users to purchase individual Ubisoft games. This integration means Luna users can now enjoy titles like Assassin’s Creed: Mirage and The Crew Motorfest without leaving the platform or the need for additional downloads.

The allure of cloud-based gaming lies in its convenience. Players can stream games directly to multiple compatible devices, eliminating the need for hefty downloads or high-end hardware.

However, many cloud gaming platforms operate on a subscription model, providing a rotating library of games. While this model offers a variety of titles, there’s no guarantee of permanent access to any particular game. In contrast, services like GeForce Now operate on a different model where users access the cloud platform via a subscription, but the games are ones they’ve already bought on PC.

Amazon Luna is attempting to bridge this gap much in the way Google Stadia tried to before its shuttering. With this new Luna launch, users can purchase individual Ubisoft games through their linked Ubisoft Connect accounts. This means they own the game and can stream it on any device compatible with Luna. Moreover, because the game is linked to the Ubisoft Connect account, it’s not restricted to Amazon Luna and can be played on PC as well.

A competitive edge in cloud gaming

Since its inception, Amazon Luna has been vying for a share of the cloud gaming market. The decision to allow direct purchase of Ubisoft games is a significant development in its journey.

After purchasing a game on Luna, users can begin playing without delay. This update reflects Amazon’s goal for Luna to offer a consistent and high-quality gaming experience, working alongside established gaming studios. And though it is just Ubisoft for now, Luna becoming a platform to purchase individual game licenses may attract more sellers to its marketplace.


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